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CA Saksham Agarwal
Founder of, ProCapitas & Jobaaj Learnings | Professional Trader & Trainer | Hiring & Training Professionals in Accounting & Finance Industry
CA Saksham Agarwal Trading Terminal
CA Saksham Agarwal Trading Terminal
CA Saksham Agarwal

As discussed earlier Nifty has filled the Gap and after that, a bullish movement was seen on Friday i.e. 21st May’21.

It successfully broke and sustained above 15122–15130 levels and now it is heading towards the target of 15254–15430 (i.e Next immediate Resistance zone).

The options data analysis clearly shows that the immediate Resistance is at 15500 and the support is at 15100.

So it’s indicating that the bullish trend will continue in Nifty.

Bank Nifty has also made a strong reversal pattern breakout @34350–34380 (Resistance Zone/Reversal zone).

Closing above these levels also indicates a bullish move in Bank Nifty…

The original date of publishing - July 18, 2020

Chart of a stock (Info Edge) with crucial Support & Resistance

Check out my video on this topic :-

What is Support & Resistance?

As I keep on saying that everything is demand & supply, the price of each asset (including but not limited to stocks, bonds, commodities, etc.) is determined by the demand and supply forces.

Buyers push the prices higher and may be referred to as bulls and on the other hand Sellers push the prices lower and hence may be referred to as bears.

Supports & Resistances are the levels on the price chart where demand & supply…

ca saksham agarwal, md of
ca saksham agarwal, md of

“Yesterday a dear friend asked me a sector to bet on for the coming years, I replied with a smile, “bet on India, I guarantee You won’t loose”

This is the level of confidence that I have in the Indian economy and the government as an investor.

Undoubtedly, this has been the dream budget for everyone, investors too have cheered the budget with the market up 9% in just four trading sessions. This is the first time in a decade when the benchmark index Nifty has rallied 5% on the budget day.

The government has taken a bold approach this…

ca saksham agarwal
ca saksham agarwal

Recently IMF announced very impressive numbers for FY 2022, making India the only major economy to grow in double digits.

Although this failed to create excitement among the investors & Nifty has corrected 993 points (at the time of writing) from its peak levels of 14,753 i.e. almost 7% fall in just the last few trading sessions.

Some are calling it a healthy correction at unreasonable levels & some are referring to it as a profit booking.

As per our analysis, it seems to be a profit booking due to the uncertainty regarding the Union Budget 2021 from which the…

Jobs in accounting & finance field
Jobs in accounting & finance field

Chartered accountancy is the core of all business, be it big or small. A chartered accountant’s work involves auditing, taxation, accounting, and financial planning.

It can be a very challenging and rewarding job. It will not be wrong to claim that Chartered Accountant’s life is usually full of challenges which certainly call for enormous courage and leadership skills.

However, it also provides numerous opportunities to convert dreams into actual reality. To summarize, the life of an average CA is all about respect, leadership, and opportunities.

So below is the list of career options that one can pursue after completing CA…

ca saksham agarwal
ca saksham agarwal

Recently everyone must have heard of the US adding India to the currency manipulator watchlist, so what does it mean & what’s India’s counter?

Currency manipulation is when a country is artificially lowering the value of its currency to gain an unfair advantage over others i.e. cheaper exports

Two benchmarks which India recently crossed to be on the US’s watchlist includes:-

o India’s trade surplus with the USA crossed $20 bn.
o India’s net purchase of forex crossed 2% of its GDP.

India’s situation:-

India’s trade surplus hit a record high of $ 32 bn in Q2 mainly due to…

CA Saksham Agarwal

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